Mummin Wild Ones

Mummin Wild Ones


A dear sweet friend of mine recently became a single mother of twin boys! This is what she has to say about the experience of Mummin and divorce:

”I never in a million years thought I’d be a single mother of twins. To be honest, I could never have imagined twins in the first place. I remember being 7 weeks pregnant and the shock and terror of finding out I was having two instead of one. When the twins came, the nights were so long. Divorce is something I’d never wish on anyone. It’s horrifically hard in the best of circumstances. And these certainly weren’t. 
However, the beautiful thing about trials is that they refine you. They pull this strength from inside you, that you never knew you had. At the very worst part of my entire life, I had this transcendence of my situation. And because of this, I suddenly felt this deep empathy and love for others going through trials. I KNOW my family was watched over from above. There were angels placed all along the horrifically hard path. Women and men that came from nowhere and reached out their hands, and pulled me up from the depths of despair. Tiny miracles scattered all along my journey. There is goodness in this world. 
I’m so grateful my baby boys were protected. I’m so grateful they keep me grounded, and remind me daily of my purpose on this Earth. Raising my children to be happy, respectful men is WHY I’m here. I gave birth to them and suddenly everything made sense. And because of that, and because of who I am today, I regret nothing. I am grateful for my trials.”

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