8x10" Watercolor Portrait (October)

8x10" Watercolor Portrait (October)


I absolutely love painting portraits! Each of us are unique and beautiful in our own individual ways. Portrait are priceless and can be gifted or be an heirloom to remember our loved ones.  

Custom watercolor portraits are done on 140 lb. paper. Each portrait is of one individual.

How it works: 

Please send a photo of the individual you'd like painted to: art@leshalord.com. Make sure they are well lit and not blurry, the higher the quality the better! If you have any special request make sure to add that to your email. * Please note this may increase the cost of your portrait.*  After receiving your email I will confirm your order. 

Then the fun begins! *If you would like updates of your portrait please make sure to add that in your email. It takes about 2 weeks before your portrait will be completed. 

I can't wait to get started on your portrait!!!! 


I will only be taking 4 orders a month now.

(This is subject to change at any point due to special/custom orders received.)

This also may cause a delay in completion date. You will receive an email if any changes with your order takes place.

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