Angels Honor Sunrise

Angels Honor Sunrise


This story is from a dear friend of mine, Michell Powers. She is able to see and speak with angels. During one of her visits to Lanikai, Hawaii she had this wonderful experiences:

“During a recent vacation to Hawaii, I took a short walk down to the beach just before sunrise. On that walk, I was reminded, as I often am, how beautiful angels are to witness. As I approached the beach just as the sun was cresting above the horizon, I noticed three angels standing at the water’s edge. Even though I see angels all the time, this particular sight still caught me off guard.
It was so beautiful to see them standing there with their silhouettes adjacent to the horizon. I didn’t want to interrupt them, so I asked my own angels what they were doing. My angels responded by telling me the other three were honoring the sunrise as all angels do in order to appreciate each new day. Angels can speak to us in many ways. In my particular case, I can see angels, and I know what they show me is important. It is a reminder that we each have an opportunity every every single day to start over and try to do better. 

9x12’ Canvas Print with 2” white boarder.

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